Monday, May 18, 2009

Hat In Hand

No, not for me. I'm fine and doing well, and have enough.

No, I'm asking for a friend. Free Speech TV.

I'm always going on and on about the mainstream media and how we have to live with their filters.

Well, here's a station that is NOT filtered, that carries Amy Goodman and Laura Flanders AND Greg Palast. Free Speech carries programming about the weaponization of the space over your head to the tragedy of mining accidents in Kentucky.

You say you want a revolution? How about putting down a few bucks, doesn't have to be much, on that very thing? How about turning your back on CNN and MSNBC and especially Fox News, and spending some time with Free Speech TV, and you'll see why it is vitally important to bring this programming to the people.

Please. Give now.

And if you don't get the channel, call your cable provider and ask for it.

Or switch to DISH Network, one of the last surviving independent television providers on the planet.