Friday, May 22, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I'm not sure if Californians realize this is the 21st century? On the other hand, it's fun watching the Armageddon of the conservative mantra of "tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts."

2) Once again, Americans prove they hate Teh Gay.

3) I don't follow Idol. I feel it is to the American psyche what McDonald's is to the American circulatory system: poison. However, every account I've read of this season's finale point out that Lambert was hands down the better performer, better singer, and bigger star. The second I heard that there were photos of Lambert kissing other men, I knew he was doomed, particularly against a married college student. Based on his reaction to the news, I suspect he knew it beforehand as well.

We Americans like our gays closeted, so we can refer to them as "flamboyant" (Lambert's nickname, indeed, was "Glambert"), like Liberace. Or we like them hidden behind an unquestionable veil of masculinity, like Rock Hudson. There are precious few gay men who don't fit either of these (Anderson Cooper comes to mind as the exception).

4) I don't often pray, but please, Lord, let Dick Cheney keep flapping his gums, reminding Americans that he was solely responsible for the quagmire we are in.

5) I don't know that this is such a good idea...

6) Bush's popularity was so bad that he dragged his entire party down with him.

7) Porn Day on YouTube?

8) Now this is Olympic training I can get behind. And in front of. And under. And sort of sideways lying across the bed.

9) Obstructive tactics be damned!

10) Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, everyone!