Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Of Rage

I'm in a real pissy mood, and my attention span is for crap, mostly because I've not slept much these past few weeks, last night being a sort of final straw for my equanimity.

So I'm going to break from my traditional analytic posts and head off into the Eschaton-like world of slam-dunking shit and letting you folks hash it out in comments:

Item 1 -- Skinny baby denied health insurance by company that advised sterilization to woman

Item 2 -- 17-Pound, 4-Month-Old Baby Denied Health Insurance for Being Too Fat

Item 3 -- Why are some middle-class women denied health insurance coverage if they had C-Sections?

Item 4 -- Rape Survivor Denied Coverage for "Pre-existing Condition" Shares Her Story

Pretty disgusting, isn't it? Private insurers prey on the most vulnerable among us, denying coverage to sick people.

Funny, because I thought the whole point of health insurance was to try to prevent you from getting even sicker...