Friday, January 22, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Talk about a slap on the wrist. I realize that going back fifteen or twenty years to when banks had true regulations placed on them like Glass-Steagal and Regulation Q is like regaining your virginity, but come on, Mr. President! You can do better than this. These asshats just destroyed the greatest economy in the history of the planet and have relegated America to a second-tier economic power in perpetuity!
2) Learn to speak Chinese is what I'm saying, folks, because you'll need it when all the tourists start descending on America from Beijing.
3) And they'll probably be looking to buy a senator or two.
4) When I learned that the Bush administration was going to allow lobbyists to write the way, does anybody know if Obama actually stopped this?...I thought the country couldn't sink any deeper into the pits of fascism: corporations and government walking hand in hand in a class war against its citizenry. I was wrong. Fucking goddamned Republicans. If I'm ever made king of this country, I will issue an edict declaring Republicans enemies of the state.
5) Roe v. Wade is 37 years old today, just about at the end of its fertile cycle.
6) Most of them are probably Republicans.
7) What a fucking week. You know, you go on vacation, you expect to ramp up working a little bit on either side of it to make up/catch up. I've had to put in so much effort this week that I haven't unpacked yet from my trip and I arrived a week ago, and the attitude I've gotten is almost hostile to the fact I was away, rather than be happy I got a chance to relax a little and recharge my batteries.
Add to that the fact that there was a wage freeze the past two years and our bonuses were cut by a cumulative 35%, and I'm starting to feel genuinely unloved here. Pride in a good day's work is all that keeps me plugging away. For now.
8) Consider this your obligatory reminder about the Haiti telethon tonight
9) Wow! And I thought I've pissed off past girlfriends!
10) Next thing you know, the entire Eastern seaboard will be littered with giant Pampers filled with verdigris!!