Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thin Skins

President Obama and his team spent most of last year blaming President G.W. Bush for just about everything that went wrong. So what can we expect from the Bush-bashing White House in 2010? 
There's a lot of "stoopid" in that paragraph. About the only bits they got right were "President Obama" and "2010".
I only recall hearing Obama even reference the Bush administration handling of anything once all year, and that was early in the spring when defending the additional bail-out funds paid to the bankstahs. Justifying this outlay, he explained that he was following precedent and that his advisory team said it was a good option to pursue.
In other words, he actually praised Bush's decision (even if it was an idiotic one from the get-go and oh yea, so was Obama's follow-through).
Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe Obama did blame Bush for Brazil winning the summer Olympics bid...yes, that's IN the article!
But I doubt I'm wrong.
Who in the hell believes this shit?