Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bristol Palin To Make Acting Debut

One hopes it will turn out better than her stab at being a wife.
Nice take down of Grandmama here.
Y'know, I often wonder if Bristol allowed herself to get pregnant because she, like so many teenaged moms, saw it as a way out of a bad home. Certainly, living with that cellophane skinned former "beauty" pageant contestant, Bristol must have suffered enormous degradations.
"Sit up straight! Why can't you lose weight? Stop picking your fingernails!"
These are etched into the young skin of Bristol Palin's face, and it's sad to see her suffer such abuse at the hands of someone who clearly had children for one of two reasons: to be the dutiful wife (not likely) or as props to litter her political stage.
I think Tripp was an accident that was meant to happen.