Friday, February 26, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Congratulations to the US Women's Hockey Team. They may have lost, but they played a spectacular game, only slightly less perfect than the Canadians. I watched most of the game, and the ladies never really seemed to lose their nervousness.
2) But there's no climate change!
4) I thought this answer was rather obvious: everyone, but especially the insurance companies. It doesn't help that Americans are generally fat, lazy cows who are stupid about what they eat, but if insurance companies had taken a smarter approach to how and what they insure, we wouldn't be in this mess.
What's wrong with reimbursing people for staying healthy? For losing weight (some insurers do these), for going to the gym, for quitting smoking, for any number of pro-active steps a person can take? A full reimbursement, I'm talking about, not some $400 sop at the end of the calendar year. Why not pay for checkups at a higher pro-rata basis than for emergency care for preventable illnesses? None of this is rocket science, and all of it would have kept healthcare costs down.
5) Not much was accomplished at Healthapalosers yesterday. I didn't expect much. It really was intended as a line in the sand for Republicans: get them on record opposing universal coverage and limiting the costs of healthcare.
6) When your whale kills three people, don't blame the trainer (and last to die.) Whales, like people, have personalities. Some are nice and even tempered, others are irrascible curmudgeons who will get nasty. And I consider myself a nice curmudgeon!
7) OK, so maybe I was wrong earlier this week, and maybe this is the real thing.
8) Twitter is for Twits, v45.9
9) Poor guy

10) "Johnny, do you smell gas down there?" "I dunno, Ma, I'm trying to thaw these...." BOOM!