Friday, February 05, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Apparently, there's good economic news this morning. Watch the markets sink.
2) OK, so the Teabaggers are having their "annual" convention. Here's the question: do they organize as a third party or do they create havoc in the Republican party? Either way, Obama gets re-elected.
3) If this was 400 years ago, he'd have to commit seppuku.
4) Yellowstone is about to erupt. The question is, how big? Minor or supereruption?
5) Demon sheep and politics. Keep in mind this was the idiot who tried to put Barack Obama and the word "celebrity" together.
6) When you think of a rich actor or actress, you think of someone with star power, someone whose very presence can make or break a film, and is paid accordingly. So it might come as a surprise to discover who the highest paid actress in Hollywood was in 2009.
7) It's odd how small town America is so rife with immoral behavior.
8) The monkeys have plotted revenge against Darwin.
9) Theymay not have gun control in South Carolina, but you do have to register your terrorists.
10) Y'know, it's conceivable this might work in the Village, but I doubt offering to blow the cops in Arkansas will get you off (pun intended).