Monday, March 29, 2010

Terror Is As Terror Does

By number of passengers carried, Moscow has by far the largest subway system in the world.
This automatically makes it a target for terrorism, just as surely as the London Underground, the largest in terms of mileage covered, was a target on 7/7/05 and remains one today.
In both of these instances, the Moscow attacks today and the London attacks five years ago, it was domestic-grown terrorists that killed civilians.
So how far are we from a domestic Teabagger attack on the New York City subway?
Not as far as we would like to think, I'm afraid. Morons like Laura Ingraham will excuse the inexucsable by saying "The Left did it first!", pointing to the WTO protests-- conveniently forgetting that the first of those protests took place under a President she considers a leftist, Bill Clinton, which makes them not a left wing plot, by definition--  and at plots to assassinate President George W Bush, none of which were actively egged on by national political leaders so closely identified with a major political party as Sarah Palin's encouragements to the Teabaggers.
Indeed, Ingraham conveniently ignores the hundreds of credible assassination attempts and threats on President Clinton's life, thwarted by the Secret Service, placing her minions beside Al Qaeda in their hatred of America. But I digress...
Two wrongs don't make a right, Laura, but your two wrong facts make you a blithering idiot. So is your entire wing of a Republican party that is doomed to disaster in fairly short order, led to the grave by a quitter, Sarah Palin.
In short, to sum my opinion up today, we are looking at a group of people which feels it has a grudge as large as the "Black Widows of Chechen," even tho no one died when healthcare reform was passed, and who have the means and the opportunity to carry out their threats.
How serious is this? Apparently, the FBI is already rolling up militia groups and those affiliated with them. Frightening thought, that, an armed church militia preparing to do battle with the AntiChrist, someone identified by 24% of Republicans (presumably a significant portion of those, Teabaggers) as President Obama himself.
One wonders where these groups were during the Bush administration, as they espouse "freedom", a value deemed so irrelevant by that President and his cronies.
Still, one of the most peaceful, giving people I know, a doctor who works exclusively with poor children and incarcerated prisoners, has spoken openly of getting guns for herself and her daughter in response to the rising level of physical threats engendered exclusively by folks on the right.
I pity anyone who goes up against this doctor. She has steady hands. She has to.