Monday, May 10, 2010

God Is In The Details

There's a brand new scientific discovery which might lend a little street cred to liberals like me who got involved in liberal causes because we believe in God and Jesus.
To-wit, it seems that randomness is not as random as we've believed:

In 1938, the physicist Frank Benford made an extraordinary discovery about numbers. He found that in many lists of numbers drawn from real data, the leading digit is far more likely to be a 1 than a 9. In fact, the distribution of first digits follows a logarithmic law. So the first digit is likely to be 1 about 30 per cent of time while the number 9 appears only five per cent of the time.

There could be any number of unsettled and unsatisfying explanations for this, and I'm not going to insult your intelligence and expose my amateur understanding of physics and describe them.

What I am going to discuss is structure. The world according to science is a scary place: anything can, and will, happen and randomly.If you can imagine it, then somewhere in the infinite stretches of space and time, it's happened. Cthulhu exists, hell exists, even God exists coincidentally with an atheistic belief system.

Weird, right? All this presupposes one of three things: either the universe is an enormously huge, random, and complex system that not only can we not imagine, we can't even imagine imagining, or the universe is initially a random place but somehow informed by our consciousness and the consciousness of each and every creature capable of forming a thought, or there really is a God.

I think God has gotten a bum rap on earth. Perhaps somewhere in the universe there's a planet that gets Him and so He spends a lot of time there. I suspect this whole "human exceptionalism" thing that we on this planet indulge our egos in...and it doesn't matter if you're Christian or Jew or Muslim or even Buddhist...probably frustrates Him to no end.
So He (understand that I'm a lazy typist. God is likely without gender in my view) probably sits on a beach under some perfect sun on some perfect beach on another planet, looking in on us every so often to make sure we haven't blown ourselves up yet. Hell, I wouldn't waste a whole lot of time on a people that can't even sort out skin color easily! Good grief, when was the last time you saw a dog turn up his nose at another dog because he was brown?
And the world around us, with all its maze-like traps and the inherent instability and danger, is just one big practical joke on us.
There's a joke told in certain circles that when you die, you are confronted with two doors: One is absolutely empty, dusty and dank and in disrepair from underuse, and opens onto a short flight of stairs. The other is sparkling shiny clean, with a red velvet rope and two burly bouncers at the door and an endless line of people waiting to get in, under a sign that says "Lecture On How To Get To Heaven".
The sign over the unused door? "Heaven: This Way".