Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Karma Is A Bitch

So many forms of karma are running around the news today.
Let's take a few looks:
1) Blanche Lincoln - It's not nice to throw your weight around on a President's most significant piece of legislation, Senator.
2) Joran van der Sloot - OJ had it right: when you get away with murder, keep your head down. It's nothing to be proud of, certainly nothing to keep records of on your laptop. This sleazebag will be lucky to see the light of day ever again.
3) Steve Jobs - The beauty of Apple products for those of us who have used them for, like, ever, was that they were our little secret. We could smugly brag about them, and no one would listen because Apple was always on the verge of bankruptcy or deportation or whatever bizarre fate the world had in store. And then Setve Jobs returned, and made Apple the hottest tech company on the planet. And now he has to deal with the millions of people who hang on his every word.
4) Tony Hayward - I think Obama dropped a big hint to your bosses back in Britain. I guess you'll be "getting your life back" sooner than you anticipated. Speaking of BP...
5) BP - $3,000 a barrel spilled is peanuts when you consider they announced a $10.5 billion dividend for this quarter. BP ought to pull that dividend back and start investing it in paper towels and dish detergent. It has a monumental task ahead of it.
6) Finally, Helen Thomas - The saddest karmic come uppance of them all. Eighty nine years old and still able to whip out a bit of journalism. She spoke hyperbolically, precisely the same kind of hyperbole she has skewered for longer than most people can remember. The irony here is pretty full, too. She demanded that Jews leave Israel and move back to Poland and Germany, the lands they fled for precisely the kind of treatments that Israel is being blamed for now. Her underlying sentiment, that we can have peace only when the rights of all people are respected, is genuine and thoughtful, but her words were not. Again, ironic and karmic for a woman who spent her life crafting words.
Every once in a while, the Barkeeper in the Sky settles accounts. Today seems to be one of those days.