Friday, June 11, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Special Big Apple Edition
1) I stand with the Empire State Building ownership: religion is too controversial a topic to start honoring individuals with ceremonial lighting. Could you imagine the screaming if Mother Teresa was Muslim?
2) Actually, you don't have to imagine. Bigotry abounds even in liberal New York City.
3) If you're arrested and charged with adultery, it's probably a bad idea to admit to it by saying "yes, it happened but we weren't naked!"
4) If ur been eetin by a goat, ur doin it rong!
5) Turns out, the sexytary who was fired by Citibank for her distracting appearance may have made it all up.
6) While I support the Empire State Building, I have no problems honoring a centennial birthday. Here's a gallery of the finest of Jacques Cousteau, a man who inspired me and millions in his life to follow his example and explore the oceans. Why World Oceans Day was Tuesday and not today is beyond me. By the way, the Empire state Building was lit up for World Oceans Day.
7) The New York Times makes it official: Tweeting is for twits.
8) It's tempting to go with a "why buy the cow when the milk is, oops!" joke here.
9) The other week, I posted about how you have to dehumanize when you commit violence against another person. Exhibit A.
10) From your keyboard to God's ear, one can only hope.