Monday, November 29, 2010

Budget Holes And A Shovel

I spent a bit of time thinking this weekend about ways to fill the deficit, and I wanted to float a trial balloon.
As tax reform seems to be on the table and as the vast majority of our resources are now being spent to prop up business in this country, I thought it might be fun to drop a tax increase into the mix: five percent, off the top, on all revenues. Call it an emergency surcharge to protect American jobs.
Oh, right. I guess I should preface this tax increase. The President will announce a policy that any company that off-shores jobs or moves to a post office box or a physical building in another country will no longer enjoy American protection, including defense forces and/or copyright and patent protection, and that any country-- from Bermuda to Abu Dhabi to China-- will suffer a concomittant reduction in foreign aid to the tune of the lost tax revenue from the companies that move there.
What say you?