Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another Sucker Was Born

PT Barnum would be proud
As a child growing up a Maronite Christian in war-torn southern Lebanon in the 1970s, Ms. Gabriel said, she had been left lying injured in rubble after Muslims mercilessly bombed her village. She found refuge in Israel and then moved to the United States, only to find that the Islamic radicals who had terrorized her in Lebanon, she said, were now bent on taking over America.
Shame on you, Gabriel. Muslim fanatics are tired of the US dictating policy to the nations they live in and could give a rat's ass about "taking over" America. You'd be a little abraded too if some foreign power had cowed your government so much that they would ignore the rights and livelihoods of its own people in favor of a policy of another agenda.

During the Cold War, Lebanon was torn apart by the spheres of influences of both the United States (who backed the Pashas) and the Soviets (who backed the insurgents).

The very country you're scamming now is the nation which created the war that blew your house apart!