Friday, March 11, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But

1) Thousands dead. Many more to come, perhaps. No snark today. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Japanese people.
2) The most up to date info can be found here, and while you're at it, please give.

3) あなたこれを通じて取得すると、私の友人繁栄する。
5) Hawaii seems to have borne the tsunami with few ill effects. Remember, it hit at three AM local time.
6) Think about this: the tsunami hit Hawaii at 8 AM EST. It will hit the west coast of the United States at 11 AM EST. That's as fast, if not faster, than an airplane.
9) This quake was the fifth largest in recorded history. How large is that? It moved St Louis.
10) Some pretty amazing pictures from Sendai, at the heart of the tsunami zone.