Friday, May 27, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I want to throw out some food for thought here: The way some people on the left think about religion is almost exactly the way some people on the right think about the arts.
History shows us that religion and art go hand in hand: where there is one, there is the other. That's not to say that it's a causitive relationship, probably more coincidental. An esthetic appreciation of beauty begins to make one wonder about how beauty is created, and creation begets (pardon the pun) a wonder about the mysteries around us.
Could Bach, Rembrandt, Ansel Adams, or Michaelangelo exist without religion? Perhaps. Could religion exist without Bach, Michaelangelo, or...well, photography is less important as a realist art...or Duncan Stroik, the architect? Perhaps.
But both would be the less for the loss.
2) to be him, huh? The son begs compassion for a father who had none. Disgusting.
3) This rather boring article raised in me an interesting question: Is Google de facto censoring the Web?
4) Is this a joke? Please say this is a joke. I mean, I know Facebook is a shitty little....OK, not so which leaves this rather self-indulgent boorish man with plenty of time on his hands, but he actually goes to the farm, kills the chickens and pigs he'll eat, has them sent to a butcher, then has them delivered to his house? And then we wonder why people laugh at America?
5) David Einhorn may be a smart man when it comes to business, but to buy into the Mets at this point is silly. Of course, it could be less of a labor of love for this multibillionaire and more of a roll of the dice.
6) By the way, the juice quote of the week belongs to Gail Collins

“They say the way to win the next election is to scare the daylights out of senior citizens. I think that’s irresponsible,” said [Senator Jon] Cornyn [R-Texasshole], who predicted, back in 2009, that the Democrats were going to turn Medicare into “a health care gulag.” 

[emphases added]

7) For one, I hope so. And when she gets her ass kicked in primary after primary, and she tries to blame the "lamestream media" for her failures, that will kill her public persona.

8) Speaking of crazy Republican broads...

9) How big a coward is Fat Fuck Chris Christie? He's so chicken, he's decided to give up on fighting global climate change, throwing in the towel rather than sticking with it. How Jersey elected this cretin is beyond me. Oh. Wait. The Jersey Shore. I forgot!

10) The more I think about this article...and it's headline...the more creeped out I get by the implications. All I need to hear is Catherine The Great is involved.