Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Can See The Future. I Can Change The Future

No. I mean, really. We all can.
We may all be Globally Conscious, in other words.
The proof? Well, it's fairly intriguing. Roger Nelson, professor at Princeton University (which does not formally support the experiment) has enlisted the aid of researchers all around the globe who set up random number generators. These are monitored continuously for statistically significant deviations from pure randomness.
Nelson has noted that extreme emotional reactions from people, like when Barack Obama was elected, correlated closely, very closely, identically even, with regional significant deviations from randomness in the generators, as if the emotional consciousness of the local population could trigger the generators to create order, not entropy.
The single major emotional event in which this did NOT happen over the past decade was September 11.
Which was even creepier. But go read the website yourself. It's updated regularly, so events up to and including the Oslo bombing/Norway slaughters is included, and yes, it deviates!