Friday, October 28, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

(image courtesy...yes, THAT I.W.W.)
1) I'm going to get a little preachy here, but it's important and for a good cause.
As you may be aware, in response to the brutal police activity in Oakland, the Occupy movement has called for a general strike on November 2.
Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to march in the Occupy movement, or visit a camp near you. Maybe you've been too busy to send blankets, clothing and food. Here's a way you can participate easily.
Take Wednesday off from work or school. Come on, you've done that to get your car fixed or to wait for the cable guy, you can do it to try to help get a nation back on the right track.
If you're concerned that you'll get in trouble, call in sick. Or take a personal day. Cheat, if you have to. If you absolutely have to be at work (and no one's life depends on you, of course,) then stage the protest at your desk: don't do any productive work. File. Compose a long reply to an email that's been sitting in your inbox about something trivial and stupid.
Or get your Wednesday work done on Tuesday, and save it for the following day.
There. I've given you four sequentially easy ways to join the protest, but the important part is that you join.
2) I haven't been watching much of the World Series, for the following reason: On the one hand, you have the Smirking Chimp, W, getting facetime on Murdoch's wet dream, the FOX Network. On the other, the Cardinals are managed by Glenn Beck's BFF, Tony La Russa, and led by Beck's other BFF, Albert Pujols. So I have no real interest in watching Survivor: Fascist State. But....I hear I missed a helluva game last night.
3) Dear Dr. Warren, there's no shame in being painted a liberal in this day and age. Accept this label. Adopt it like it means you're Betsy Ross, because in many ways, you are that mythic now.
4) Hey, 1%ers! Tell it to the Marines!
5) Michael Moore is apparently not an American citizen! The NYSE hates us for our freedoms.
7) One of the most criminal gangs in America is the Juggalos. I guess, if you define "criminal" as including "overly obsessed with shitty music performed by rap wanna-bes who's best days ended when WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, then yea. I can concur.
8) If you were to re-do Star Trek for TV, how would you do it? This article raises some intriguing possibilities.
9) Your moment of Zen irony (Zirony?)