Friday, January 06, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Remember, its not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes!
2) Here's the thing: in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter if Mitt won by eight votes or Santorum by twelve. They both share about equally in delegates to the convention. In realpolitik terms, however, it matters a great deal that Mitt Romney did not win Iowa, however symbolic the victory or narrow the margin may be. He has been the frontrunner in national polls all along, and always nibbling around the lead in Iowa as different clowns stepped out of the car behind him.
3) Remember, the magic number for re-election is 8%. Anything above that makes Obama's case harder to make, anything below that makes it much easier. Timing is everything, however, and recent economic developments are far more important than ones from three or four years ago. That the economy is growing and creating jobs speaks volumes for his case for re-election.
4) As this blog's good friend Joe Ivory Mattingly said on Twitter, "Blah, blah black sheep"
5) Y'know, I've been meaning to read this article but it has words and stuff...where are my reading glasses?
6) HOLY CRAP! (Look, I worked really hard to find an article without a picture that would make you queasy, so you can give me a Mulligan here.)
7) Gee, here's a shock: upward mobility is nearly impossible for the lowest rungs of the ladder. Yet, conservatives keep telling them to work harder.
8) Want to know what your thumbs will be up to in 2012? Here ya go!
9) Stephen Hawking turned 70 this week. In and of itself, quite the accomplishment, but now consider that he has lived with a disease that kills most victims within two years of diagnosis, with only a ten percent chance of making it past ten years with the disease. Hawking was diagnosed at 21, making him the longest-living survivor of the disease.
10) Not sure I want to be Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, right now. In addition to facing a recall election for his hate-filled administration, one of his chief aides while he was Milwaukee County executive and another Walker appointee to the Milwaukee County Veterans Service Board have been arrested as the subjects of an investigation into embezzling funds from a veteran's group, Operation Freedom Wisconsin. A third man, the live-in partner of the veterans' appointee, was also arrested when the computer police confiscated in a raid was found to hold kiddie porn. The man, an administrative assistan for the Department of Public Instruction (in the division which oversees the education of homeless children), was also charged with forcing a minor to expose his genitals.
Not that a homosexual relationship or an unrelated child sex abuse investigation should be held against Walker, mind you. They shouldn't. But they will.