Thursday, January 05, 2012


I've had two straight nights of pretty weird dreams, both have been disturbing as quasi-nightmares, both have elements in common, and both have involved the same building.
In the first, I'm standing in the wreckage of the Empire State Building. The 34th Street facade has fallen off, leaving a rubble pile on the street and twisted steel and iron bars rising up like an open waffle iron designed by Freddie Krueger. I start to climb the rubble pile and reach the fifth floor, where I reach up and begin to climb the shell of the building. I don't remember much else, even whether I make it all the way, but I do know I reached the 86th Floor (which is where the lower observatory is) and look out at a sparse and empty city.
In the second, I'm standing in front of the Empire State Building, which has suddenly been transported to Doha, or maybe Dubai. I wasn't paying attention to where the waterfront was. In front of me is a modernised replica of the building, rounded off a little, made primarily of Lexan and cabling.
It's also precisely ten times as big as the ESB, so ranges upwards of 10,000 feet high. I walk into that building, board an elevator (with someone else, altho who it was escapes me at the moment, other than a friend.) I press the button for the observatory at the top, and am whisked all the way up to this platform at 10,000 feet, no railing and I step outside.
Briefly. The winds are pretty terrible up there. I hop back in the elevator and am whisked back down to ground level, where I cross over to the Empire State Building, which is palpably trembling in fear as the much taller building begins to lean over as if to eat the smaller tower...
I record these, just in case something happens in the near future (this weekend?) to this building.