Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So Which Music Should We Play For Romney's Return?

Even before he was wheels-up for London, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s overseas trip was drawing comparisons to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s 2008 overseas trip.

Both were candidates looking to appear presidential and polish up their foreign-policy credentials.

But where Obama’s trip was smooth sailing (save a kerfuffle about a cancelled visit with wounded troops), Romney’s voyage has been laden with cringe-inducing gaffes.

From claiming London was not ready to host an Olympics (note to Mitt: they were two up on you when you decided to "abandon" Bain for Salt Lake City) to commenting on the disparity between Israeli wealth and Palestinian poverty-- created in large part by official Israeli policy favoring investment in Jewish areas and ignoring Palestinian, where Mitt decided it was "cultural"...which itself seems to paint Israelis as wealth-obsessed-- it seems Mitt could not open his mouth without putting his shoe in it.

Then he made sure he swallowed his socks, too, by pointing out that healthcare in Israel costs 8% of GDP, whereas in the US, it's 18%.

Errrm, Israel has nationalized healthcare, Mittens. You know, like Obamacare? Perhaps you know it better as Romneycare.

About the only thing Romney could have done worse was to walk into a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem and order the lobster.

He was probably glad to get to Poland, where he could review Rafalca's performance in the Olympic equestrian events. Rafalca is probably lucky Paris didn't get the Olympics, or he'd be outsourced to a dinner plate by now.

I mean, at least Poland went smoothly.

Oh. Wait...