Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Good Luck With That, Mittens!

As someone who's tried the same thing, your reputation precedes you.

NEW YORK (AP) — Mitt Romney has been on the national political stage for nearly a decade — through two presidential bids, countless campaign events and millions spent on TV ads. But the likely Republican presidential nominee still isn't well-known to most voters.

So now he's trying to fix that.

With less than 100 days until the Nov. 6 election, Romney is starting to introduce himself to them in earnest — through a combination of carefully selected media appearances and biographical ads — before President Barack Obama's efforts to define him in a negative light cripple his candidacy.

Here's the thing: if you've been a public figure for twenty years, and people still don't know you, introducing yourself in the final 100 days is pointless.

I suspect on the campaign trail that Mittens will be asked a lot of uncomfortable questions and will be unable to answer them fully, as determined as he is to remain an enigma. And these questions won't be from the press, they'll be from very confused voters.

People who try to reconcile the claims of a "job creator" with the reality of an outsourcer. People who try to reconcile the claims of "tax reductions" with the fact that you have not paid taxes in the past ten years (according to Harry Reid.) People who try to reconcile the self-reliant pioneer with the fact that the government helped you every step of the way in achieving billions.

I can't see President Obama losing this race. Mittens will be lucky to place second.