Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How Bad Is It Getting Out There?

Pretty bad. The economy has forced people to make some harsh and even bizarre choices.
I suspect bad times are coming, and the really weird part of it all is, we all know they're coming but many of us want to be blinkered and in denial about them, as if somehow they'll go away if we just cover our eyes.
They won't. What's worse, they seem determined to ignore that there is an actual, real problem out there, that affects hundreds of millions of people who aren't part of the 1%. They prefer to smear an honest hard-working President and a party that has offered countless times to compromise to move the nation away from the brink.
They want to watch us burn. They want to see this nation go down in flames, not in a puff of glory as befits the glory that was the American century, but laden with trash and poisons and detritus. And they'll steer it off the cliff if they have to.
The irony is, as the stories I linked to in the first paragraph indicate, the economic doldrums are starting to impact even their base: the one percent and the moronic knuckleheads who would support them the way a serf supports a tyrannical baron.
The morons say that "greed is good," but for who? Cui bono? Those who already have and no matter how hard you attach yourself remora-like to a shark, eventually the shark eats even you when it runs out of fish. And if you don't already have the teeth and jaws, it doesn't matter that you outlasted the rest of us. You ain't a shark, that makes you bait.
What happens when the sharks look around and realize they've even eaten the remoras?