Friday, August 10, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I love this story so much, I want to have sex with it. Imagine the people interviewed as their friends all read the article. Some of the quotes are-- dare I say it?-- juicy.
4) As bad as Mitt's trip to London et al were, this weekend may prove even worse for him.
5) Dear Lord, I don't ask for things often, but here. Please. Let this story prove true in its implications.
6) If you're going to watch the conventions, you can at least watch them on the liberal's network. It's sad that the promise of a network for the progressive voice has had such a tough time attracting viewers, but let's face facts: Cenk and Co is the worst political show on the TeeVee (all due respects to my friends who work there), Stephanie Miller should be on prime time, and Jennifer Granholm is great for wonks, but needs to be in the ten PM slot. Ever since Keith Olbermann and Current parted ways, there's no reason to watch programming that's only going to echo what you can read online. None of these folks can interview worth a damn and none of them has a personality (Granholm excepted) worth a bucket of spit.
Or you can hire me, Mr. Vice President. I'll get you ratings.
7) Next time you squash that worm, don't be surprised if it crunches.
9) This might be the only thing to get me to tune in the RNC in Tampa. If Obama can tie Mitt Romney to these clowns, and it sure would be hard to miss the connection, then all bets are off for the next two election cycles, a la Pat Buchanan in 1992.
10) Well, at least it was easy to get directions.
I'll be on vacation next week so postings will be light. I'll try to get on and give you my best but I'll be relaxed-- and probably drunk-- so my snark fu will be wanting.