Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assaulted Nuts

What the hell is Harry Reid thinking?


Reid insisted yesterday that all of these measures deserved a vote -- but that including some of them in the main legislative package brought to the Senate floor would sink the entire effort. The main bill that Reid will introduce will have to get at least 60 votes to get past a GOP-led filibuster, he explained. So by starting with a pared-down bill, Reid said he could at least get a gun control measure on the Senate floor. At that point, the assault weapons ban and other less popular measures could be voted on as amendments.


Now, if you’re telling me that this is a maneuver to avoid a filibuster on gun control legislation and the intent is, once past the blockade, amendments (which only need a simple majority to be included) can be added, then hey, that’s OK. The Dems have more than a simple majority and can easily tack on any number of amendments.


But here’s the thing: this is important legislation, and Harry Reid ought to acknowledge the symbolic importance of having a comprehensive bill come to the floor for passage. He ought to challenge the Republicans, Inc. to stand up and make speeches why they support wholesale slaughter of schoolchildren.


To pass this thing piecemeal is to invite an unserious response from the Republicans, Inc. They’ll dismiss it, which will give governors of various retrograde states political cover to ignore it.


This is what a leader would do, and “leader” is in your damned title, Senator!


I’m pleased to see that Dianne Feinstein did not let grass grow under her feet after this announcement.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban won't be part of a gun bill brought up for a vote in the Senate, but that doesn't mean the California Democrat is going away. Feinstein says she won't "lay down and play dead" and says she's confident Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will give her a vote on her controversial bill.


Bonus points for the play on words, Senator!