Monday, March 31, 2014


The day has arrived when Obamacare comes out of rehearsals and goes fully live, and guess what? It’s already outperformed expectations:

The first yearly sign-up period for Obamacare closes today, with early returns suggesting the administration may near a projection of 7 million enrollees made before the U.S. health exchange struggled at its startup.

The rollout has been under constant attack from Republican foes and faced a key U.S. Supreme Court (1000L:US) decision that allowed states to limit the Medicaid expansion that was an important part of the plan. It also suffered from myriad technical flaws in the website that made it unusable for more than a month.

The government last week said 6 million Americans had enrolled by March 27 and about 1 million people a day were visiting The sign-ups met a mark set by the Congressional Budget Office in February that was reduced from an initial 7 million estimate after the law’s troubled start in October. Republicans questioned the credibility of the numbers.

So not only has it outperformed the reduced expectations of the bipartisan controlled Congressional Budget Office, it has likely exceeded even the original estimates which were pegged as “too high” and too difficult to achieve!

Well, alright now!

To be sure, it’s far from perfect. Hell, it’s far from excellent, but it’s a start down the right path and will now become a permanent fixture in the American economic landscape.

And mind you, the plan has successfully rolled out despite the obstructionism of Congress in funding it and the various legal challenges thrown up as roadblocks and why?

Because it’s a good idea, has merit and can work, but Republicans would prefer to get the credit for it, despite the fact that President Obama has been forthright in saying that the ideas came from Republican proposals, including the plan implemented by Mitt Romney in Massachussetts.