Thursday, April 10, 2014

Imagine If He Had a Gun

That stabber yesterday in Pennsylvania

After a 16-year-old allegedly went on a 5-minute stabbing spree at a Pennsylvia[sic] high school, hurting nearly two dozen people, stories of heroism amid the chaos are coming to light.

The school’s assistant principal is credited with tackling the attacker, ending the bloody Wednesday morning rampage at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrsyville [sic], Penn., about 18 miles west of Pittsburgh.

In five minutes, he went running down the halls, stabbing at random, and injured 20 people – but didn’t kill a single one. Because the assailant had only a knife, rather than cower behind barricades or behind doors, another student, along with the assistant principal (who likely would have chased a gunman down as well because, you know, it’s sadly part of his job), grabbed the attacker and quickly disarmed and immobilized him for the police.

Quick, over, and while too many people got hurt, many of those likely were hurt in the mass confusion trying to flee the scene, rather than by actual stab wounds (official estimates have not been made, but the fact that four students were critically injured and one might still die, we can assume at least that many stabbing victims.)

It would be irresponsible to speculate on the whys and wherefores here, altho a picture is being drawn of a student who was victimized by bullies, and who may have had some emotional problems to begin with.

Of course, “irresponsible” is the middle name of conservatives