Friday, September 23, 2005

Neal Boortz: Dumber'n Dirt

Spinning Neal Boortz

Yesterday the "progressive" Media Matters types seemed to be quite exercised over a reference I made to the death tax and Karl Marx on Monday night's Hannity & Colmes. Media Matters says that I referred to proponents of the death (estate) tax as "followers of Karl Marx." OK .. .here's the transcript from that Monday night Hannity & Colmes program. I lifted it off the Media Matters website, so they can't say that I'm making this up. Here's the exchange between Alan Colmes and myself:

COLMES: So they should not have -- are you in favor of tax cuts? You want to have more tax cuts at a time -- you want to cut the state taxes at a time when they're still struggling to pay for it and help the rich? Is that what you want to do?

SEAN HANNITY (co-host): Absolutely.

BOORTZ: As much -- as much as it disturbs the followers of Karl Marx, yes, I want the death tax over with.

COLMES: I'm a Marxist now, I see. OK.
(emphases mine)

Does Boortz realize how stupid he just made himself look? Even Alan Colmes said it at the time, that Boortz is saying that supporters of the estate tax (it doesn't tax the dead, idiot, just their money) are Marxists!

But not good enough for Boortz, who goes on:

Not that it really matters to Media Matters, but here we have them cold engaging in a bit of rhetorical dishonesty. I most certainly did not say that those who supported the death tax were followers of Karl Marx. What I did allude to was the fact that followers of Karl Marx would also support the death tax and that Marxists would most certainly be upset if the death tax were to be repealed.

One wonders at the abject stupidity of those on the right who claim to be "pundits". Second, the hairsplitting way in which Boortz tries to defend (unsuccessfully) his comments speaks volumes about the fact that he knew he'd been caught in a lie, knew he had just insulted an entire subset of the country, and was trying desperately to be diplomatic.

Kinda like calling a black man "nigger" and then explaining it away by saying "but you ain't that bad a one."