Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who The Hell Is In Charge Here?

Maybe my readers can make some sense of all this, because I sure as hell can't.

President George W. Bush?
Unnecessary spending must be cut, president says

Friday, September 16, 2005; Posted: 9:50 p.m. EDT (01:50 GMT)

(CNN) -- President Bush said Friday his plan for federal projects to rebuild the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina will be expensive, "but I'm confident we can handle it and our other priorities."

The nation will "have to cut unnecessary spending," he said.

He added, "We should not raise taxes."

House Speaker Tom Delay?
Bush said Friday that the costs of rebuilding the Gulf Coast will be paid through "unnecessary spending," and some programs will be slashed.

But House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said last week that Republicans have already gotten rid of extraneous spending. "After 11 years of Republican majority we've pared it down pretty good," DeLay told reporters.

Or Treasury Secretary John Snow?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow said on Tuesday the United States would rebuild the Gulf Coast region devastated by Hurricane Katrina but would do so in a "fiscally responsible" way.

"Will the relief and reconstruction be costly? Of course it will," he said in remarks prepared for delivery to a financial literacy commission. "But I want to assure you that this administration is not, and will not, stray from our course of federal deficit reduction."