Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The New White House

Bush Visits New Orleans Again

From ignoring the entire mess until it was too late, to playing "git-tar" while a city drowned,Bush has demonstrated an unique ability to compartmentalize a tragedy the likes of which this nation has never seen before.

Until now. Suddenly, he's in the Gulf Coast region like it was Ohio in 2004, and key to his re-election "strategery".

Why? Why five times in two weeks? Does he think that him being on the ground is going to make him an effective leader during the remainder of this crisis? Maybe if he hadn't spent five weeks on vacation, this absence from the White House might be justifiable, but let's face facts: this is a man who receives daily hurricane recovery briefings from Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security secretary. Any decisions he could possibly make on the ground there could be made in the Oval Office.

And it's not like he's picking up a shovel and broom and cleaning.

Sorry, Dumbya. Your father had a defining moment in his Presidency when he couldn't tell you what a gallon of milk sold for. It showed him as disconnected and aloof.

Curiously, your performance these past three weeks, regardless of this sudden fascination with the French Quarter, has ironically made that gaffe seem trivial.

And it lost your dad the election.

So I guess you can add another feather to your "Oedipal fantasy cap": You fucked up worse than he did, too, in connecting to the people.
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