Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shroud of Tourin'

Buffalo Pundit reports that "[Tom] Golisano has invited him (ed note: Bill Clinton) to a Sabre’s game, and there’s lots of discussion whether this is smart or dumb for Golisano to do."

Smart. Very smart. Golisano is a dark horse candidate for the GOP nod for governor, as I've talked about elsewhere on this blog. In addition, he's uberwealthy, and has enough in his tank to make a serious run (as either an independent or the GOP nominee) for any office in the state.

I've predicted earlier on here that Golisano would abandon his gubenatorial bid (love typing that word!) in a genuflect to the Minarik, Bruno and the rest of the GOP leadership, and take up the mantle of Senate candidate, an office that probably suits him better anyway (in the unlikely event he'd actually win a race in New York).

By inviting Clinton to his box at the HSBC Arena, he's sending a couple of messages:

1) To the GOP: "I can take my money and use it as I damned well please if you aren't going to give me a seat at the table."

2) To the Democrats: "I'd be open for a shot on your ticket."

3) To Hillary: "Tell your wife I'm in the game."