Monday, November 06, 2006

More Important Than The Senate And House....

State legislatures could shift to Democrats

CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. state legislatures head into Tuesday's election almost even in terms of party control, with Democrats poised to potentially shift the power base in their favor, a change that can position them to influence future elections.

Alan Rosenthal, professor of policy and political science at Rutgers University, said he thinks Democrats are "going to wind up with control of a number of more chambers than they do now."
Remember, this is where the battles over evolution in schools, abortion and gay marriage will be fought as the conservative Roberts Supreme Court starts to dismantle Federal protections for the rights of individuals in favor of the rights of, well, money.

Too, it gives the Democrats a leg up when it comes to the sneaky trick of redistricting that the Supremes allowed to go forward when they foolishly ruled in favor of Texas' illegal re-redistricting, forced by Tom Delay, after the 2000 census.