Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rumours Abound

I'm not going to attibute these, because I have no factual evidence to back anything up, but this is what I'm hearing...

Jon Tester has pulled away in Montana, as absentee ballots show him with a commanding lead and a very large number of ballots (some 25% of anticipated votes) were cast this year...John Hall has taken NY-19...Missouri has in large part given up the Diebold machines and has gone to paper ballots, which may bode well for McCaskill, believe it or not...strong Democratic turnout in northern Kentucky, where three seats are expected to turn blue, particularly around Louisville...half hours lines as polls opened in Minneapolis...Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Oz, Witchville) couldn't figure out how to get the scanner to take her ballot (film below)...Latino voters in Arizona are videotaped as they approach polls, presumably for INS harassment...Denver voting will have to be extended two hours due to computer glitches and high turnout...Webb out to a lead in exit polling in Virginia...Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (Mel's kid?) was asked for photo identification before being allowed to cast an absentee ballot, which is against Missouri law...more to come if time permits.