Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Kin Haz Ur Attention, Pliz?

Dis story nids to be tawked about more now:
U.S. Animal and Plant Inspection Service officials argue that the house, listed as a National Historic Landmark since 1968, requires a federal Animal Welfare License, like a circus or zoo, in order to keep housing the cats.

The city of Key West and Monroe County, which includes Key West and the other islands in the Keys chain off Florida's southeastern tip, are fighting back against federal intervention.

"I think it's kind of sad that a government agency would be spending taxpayers' money on this," said Linda Mendez, the home's event director and author of the "Hemingway Museum Cats" souvenir book. "We're against caging them because they're not used to it."
I live in a tiny 'partment, so I know tht catz don' like to be caged. Dadby makes me eckercise a lot every day, an' gives me plenty cat toyz to play wiff.

(Sum I eben hide my catnip in....shhhhhhhhhhh, don' tel!)

I blamez tha Preznit, George Dumbya Boosh for dis! He hatez catz! He hatez Hemingway! He hatez Florida cuz hiz brover is gov...gober...runs tha joint!

Pliz make sure you mantion how much we catz hate Boosh.