Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Fine!

I'm flattered by the flood of emails asking if I'm OK after yesterday's blast in midtown Manhattan.

While the intersection where the steam pipe blew, 41st and Lexington, is a mere block and a half from my office, I had been long gone when the explosion took place, at 6PM. I am staying home today until I get an all-clear from our esteemed mayor, Mike Bloomberg, regarding the air quality. Because I work for the miserable rat bastard who owns the building that straddles the quarantine zone, and that building has one small entrance outside the quarantine zone, I was forced to come into work, despite the lack of air quality report.

According to the latest news, any asbestos exposure was last evening, brief, and knocked out of the sky by all the condesing steam.

Had the blast happened 4 1/2 hours earlier, however, I might be parboiled. Such is my luck with lotteries...amen, in this case.