Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Cat Kitten Blogging

I hepped wif dis!:
NEW YORK (AP) — An Abyssinian cat from Missouri, named Cinnamon, has just made scientific history. Researchers have largely decoded her DNA, a step that may aid the search for treatments for both feline and human diseases.

The report adds cats to the roughly two dozen mammals whose DNA has been unraveled, a list that includes dogs, chimps, rats, mice, cows and of course, people.

Why add cats? They get more than 200 diseases that resemble human illnesses, and knowing the details of their genetic makeup should help in the search for vaccines and treatments, researchers say. The list includes a cat version of AIDS, SARS, diabetes, retinal disease and spina bifida, said Stephen J. O'Brien of the National Cancer Institute.
OK, so how I hep?

Simpel. Dey decoded de jeans, right? So wen dadby ware hes jeans, I scartch dem up, and dass how I hepped decode de jeans!

Here es how esse I hepped:
Me using mah Wii to do puter stuff!

K, bai!