Friday, October 17, 2008

A Bit Of Comic Relief

Offered without further comment:
I can't prove it, but I suspect that the DOJ is as "tainted" as the FEC. Various FEC auditors have reported that they received orders that they are NOT to investigate anything to do with Obama's campaign financing, or campaign irregularities - only McCain's. Rumors have it DOJ has gone the same way. Paulson and Soros now own Bush - it's an inside takeover that's already done.

It's also fairly common knowledge that that agencies like the NSA and CIA are also full of democratic sympathizers, and it's quite likely that this is the also the case at the DOJ. There IS a reason such a big deal was made out of Bush removing a Federal Attorney, while nothing at all was mentioned about Clinton removing 240. It was to prevent Bush from taking action against any other Clinton appointees anywhere else. Better take a look at how many of these guys are either Clinton appointees or Democratic "sympathizers". There won't be any action from the DOJ on this, and anything that makes it to court will be delayed until after the election and swearing in ceremony.

Also, there is a reason Obama has already planned his victory party, and the headlines announcing his victory have already been written, just awaiting November 5th publication. Telcoms are under control like the media, just hasn't come out yet. Whole freaking infrastructure has been conquered without a single shot fired - all 5th column stuff.

Consider this - what happens when the networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN - ignore actual voting numbers and simply make up their own, provided by Obama central command? They put on a show that has Obama winning by a landslide in all 50 states as they sweep across the country during election night. Next morning the NY Times and LA Times headlines announce the "Obama Landslide".

What % of the population would know better? What would the consequences be, and what % would just fall for it? Better give this some thought - because something like this appears to be in the works. I don't dare say any more than this, but let me assure you that there are PLENTY of dirty tricks yet to come - nearly EVERYTHING that has taken place up until this point has just been a disctraction, a red herring, including the obvious media bias. Better wake up and look around - the NY and LA Times certainly isn't going to report on anything, and start looking PAST the obvious things that are going on...

Listen everyone - this rabbit hole runs MUCH, MUCH deeper here than anyone has even BEGUN to realize yet. This whole thing has been in "the works" for 10+ years now - funded by tens of billions of dollars worth of George Soros' and his associates money - so much so that the Dems are completely blatant about things now - they don't even care about holding an election at this point - things are rigged so they CAN'T LOSE. They don't care about being called on fraud, or anything else - they won't be called on it, and even if some do-good State AJ happened to bring something up, well, they have enough judges in the right places to take care of things if anything does happen to "come up".

Bottom line - They already know they have this completely sewn up and have no need to worry about anything as inconvenient as an "actual vote". This is a coup d’état in progress, not an election - if you think any different, then try to get someone in the FEC to examine how much money BHO has and where it came from. Won't happen. Try to get someone in DOJ to find out why the FEC isn't investigating. Won't happen. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS - THERE WILL BE UN "PEACEKEEPERS" on AMERICAN SOIL after this election to "DEAL WITH THE VIOLENCE" - no small number of them KENYAN. THIS IS A FREAKING COUP D'ETAT IN PROGRESS, NOT AN ELECTION, and IT'S damn near a FAIT ACCOMPLI at this point. I DON'T THINK IT CAN BE STOPPED. UNDERSTAND???

Somebody had better start digging into Obama's mysterious and hidden background - birth, school transcripts, etc. - because there's more hidden there than anyone realizes, and there is still something that they are deathly afraid of coming to light until after the election. Berg Versus Obama and the DNC might be a good place to start. There are less than 3 weeks left to do something about this. November 5th will be too late. Forget the DOJ and FEC - they aren't going to be helpful. I'm getting the hell out while travel still hasn't been restricted by martial law...

OK, one comment: Life During Wartime.
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