Friday, October 17, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Who knew? I would have thought it smelled just like chicken!

2) Well, clearly, here's a functional family.*polite cough*

3) W.W.O.D.?

4) If John McCain had been as funny on the hustings as he was at the Al Smith Dinner last night, this might actually be a race.

5) And Obama, who has shown flashes of witty sarcasm on the trail, could use a little of this loosening up himself.

6) (If you are video-impaired, here's a pretty good recap)

7) First, Russia bailed out Iceland. Now, China is bailing out Pakistan. You young-uns may not recall, but there was a time when the United States could bail out other nations...

8) I'd lay good money Sarah Palin has something to do with this story.

9) Reviews indicate that this movie will actually paint a sympathetic portrait of Dumbya, a man who is overwhelmed by events, genetics, and his own bad decisions. And here I was expecting a comedy!

10) Speaking of comedy and politics (seems to be today's theme), I wonder how An American Carol will fare at the box office this weekend?