Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Ask, "How Desperate?"

I answer "This desperate":
1) OBAMA SEX PERV SCANDAL - Apparently, the right wing, not content with the reaction that Bill Ayres got from the general public, has now decided to paint Obama as the ally of child molesters. Mark Foley, anyone?

2) A New Wrinkle (or Unwrinkle) in the Campaign: The Biden Brow - GASP! A politician who has had Botox treatments! Wow, who could imagine a politician could be so vain?

3) Fighting Words - Drunk right wing blogger sets up straw man, dukes it out with him in his imagination and somehow ekes out a split decision.

4) Ugly Misogyny at the Official Obama Blog Site - Wow! Random advertising unauthorized by the Obama campaign (who subsequently removed the offending ad after being notified!) proves that Obama beats his wife!

5) McCain Claims Obama Rally Crowds Call Him Terrorist, Traitor - TRANSLATION: "Look, my supporters get to make shit up, why can't I????"

6) Worst Case Scenario - To arms! To arms! THE LIBERALS ARE COMING! THE LIBERALS ARE COMING!

7) My God is Bigger Than Your God- A vote for McCain is a vote for Jesus.

8) AN OBAMA PANIC? MARKETS FEAR HIS POLICIES - SCARY BLACK MAN! WE'LL ALL BE ON THE WELFARE! Nevermind that the market ALWAYS does better under Democratic presidents than Republicans, and that's even after you factor out the two major stock market crashes of 1929 and 2008!

9) TIP: RICO ACTION TO BE FILED AGAINST ACORN TOMORROW MORNING - US Attorney will file charges against Obama-led organ-- what? No? Oh. Nevermind! NOTE MAJOR WALK-BACK OF ORIGINAL STORY
Kinda sad, when you come right down to it...