Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eating Their Own

I love it when Republicans and Teabaggers go head to head.
This is the NY 26th Congressional district in Erie (some would spell it Eerie) County.
The 26th is best known as the district represented by Chris ("Don't Call Me Christopher!") Lee of Craigslist fame, who resigned in disgrace, forcing a special election later this month.
A solidly Republican district, the Davis dustup threatens the coronation of Republican candidate Jane Corwin, who faces a split in the Teabagger vote between Davis and David Bellavia, who had been running under another Teabagger faction but indicated he would throw his support behind Davis, which would put a real crimp in Corwin's plans.
And leave the door open, a la the NY 23rd back in 2006 and now-Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, for a progressive candidate. Meet Democrat (and Working Families Party) candidate, Kathy Hochul.
Or Green Candidate, Ian Murphy, best known for punking and exposing Governor Scott Walker's close ties to the Koch brothers in the midst of his ultimately-successful attempts to destroy the middle class of Wisconsin. (Have to love a candidate who LOLcats his own campaign website!)
See? Eerie County! If it was a normal election cycle of a few months, I'd be torn between who to support, but since Murphy seems to be rather...umm...self-effacing in his style, I'm going to go with Hochul.
Go toss her a couple of bucks, and Ian? Run again in the next election, because damn, I'd love to endorse you.