Friday, July 29, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) House Weaker Boener: Epic Fail. What an embarassment!
2) Larry Flynt has offered Casey Anthony a half-mil to pose nude in Hustler. It would be appropriate on so many levels. Disgusting, but appropriate.
3) At first glance, this story makes you think gun control is unnecessary. I mean, after all, the industry policed itself and all right? Until you read more closely and realize it wasn't the fact that the guy bought six pounds of smokeless gunpowder that tipped the clerk off, but that the "terrorist" hadn't even bothered to Google the stuff first.
4) Steve Jobs for Treasury Secretary!
5) FOX News: Volcanoes on the Moon cause global warming. I'm not kidding.
6) The most expensive residence on the planet is for sale at $175 million dollars. That buys you three bedrooms. That's not a typo.
7) I remember when the iPhone was first introduced that steve Jobs said Apple would ship 10 million by the end of the following years (about fifteen months). I laughed. I thought it was ridiculous. There couldn't be ten million people in the US (as it turns out, the world) as stupid as me! Apple just shipped twice that many in three months, four years later.
8) He's Toad away
9) We wiped out an entire race of humans with our radical Sapienism.
10) She's beautiful! And what a set of teats!