Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Wrong With The Wall Street Journal?

They used to be on top of stories like this, instead of sitting around, scratching their asses, asking dumb questions.
You read a paragraph like this, say:

That's largely because the economy is growing much too slowly to absorb the available work force, and industries that usually hire early in a recovery—construction and small businesses—were crippled by the credit bust.

And that comes almost directly after this:

Over the past 10 years:

The U.S. economy's output of goods and services has expanded 19%.

• Nonfinancial corporate profits have risen 85%.

• The labor force has grown by 10.1 million.

• But the number of private-sector jobs has fallen by nearly two million.

• And the percentage of American adults at work has dropped to 58.2%, a low not seen since 1983.

And the conclusion, after almost THIRTY YEARS OF CRAPPY JOBS GROWTH is that jobs were lost two years ago and aren't coming back?

I almost wish they WOULD tap voicemails there. At least they'd have a clue.