Friday, September 30, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Somewhat inevitable. Banks are going to get cut-throat about profits now. You'd *think* they'd be more grateful to the very people who bailed them out...
2) We get more Number 2s than a dung pile.
3) Anybody who reads this blog for even one day knows I'm all about the snark and the satire. That said, The Onion might have phrased that first tweet a little more carefully. Yes, they're a comedy site and yes, the subsequent tweets made it very clear that it was a joke, but they've done enough "serious" tweeting that one could be forgiven for thinking they were not making this up.
4) Another day, another dollar (drop)
5) The most important prizes of the year were handed out last night.
6) Good ol' Newt: Doubling down on Teh Stoopid
7) BREAKING NEWS out of Massachussetts! Warren is leaving the Senate race!
8) I wasn't lying!
9) A proposed border fence. No, not there. No, not proposed by them.
10) In Russia, surfer grab shark! I wonder if he gave it mouth-to-errrrr, teeth?