Thursday, September 29, 2011

WARNING: Sports Post Ahead

I come down firmly on the side of "He should have finished the game," but I see the point of the other side.
See, Jose Reyes was not just in a battle to prove he was the best hitter in the National League yesterday.
He was struggling towards a new and bigger contract. Possibly with the Mets, probably not. Either way, he had a lot on the line, and by getting one, just one, hit, he pretty much guaranteed the title was his (his challenger, Ryan Braun, would have had to go three for four or better last night. He went 0-4)
As it turns out, he didn't even need to play. As it turns out, if he had gone 1-4, he still might have sewed up the title.
However, there is a school of thought that says you play if you can. I know I would have. I know plenty of other people who would have had the kind of pride in themselves to play, if only as a gift to the fans.
Fans that he may never see again but as a visiting player.