Monday, December 12, 2011

Betcha Not

Here's the thing about the Mitt Romney bet, one of the stupidest utterances at a Republican presidential debate since, well, the last debate.
It lets the rest of the field come off as populist.
It's hard to believe that, after four years of preparation, hundreds of millions of his own money spent, and god knows how much travelling and eating rubber chicken, Romney's campaign will fold not because the latest Pokemon the Teabaggers threw had any effect, but because Romney managed to do what neither Bush managed to do: come off as an effete snob.
By now, you've heard the "joke," and the endless analysis by pundits from the left and right, so I'll spare you the recap, beyond reminding you that Mitt has the habit of putting his silver spoon up his ass.
Romney's off-hand braggadocio merely highlights a point about the Republican field: there is not one person in the top seven dwarves running who has clue one about what it means to work an honest day's job in modern America. Not one. That $10,000 bet, which is purt near the poverty line for an American worker, could just as easily have been made by Herman Cain, or Michele Mou--...BACHmann, Ron Paul, or whomever the flavor of the month would have been next.
Say what you will about Barack Obama and his current courtiers, the guy at least recognizes that some people live off peanut butter sandwiches until Thursday.
You can imagine Obama with callouses on his hands. Hell, you could imagine Hillary with callouses on her hands, and she came from a well-to-do family! You can't imagine Mitt Romney with callouses on his hands.
He doesn't need to remind us.