Friday, December 16, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Did anybody else notice last night that Mitt Romney tried really hard to be Barack Obama lite?
2) Speaking of Mitt, did anyone seriously buy his whole "po' France(?)" nonsense?
3) Well, we suffered him for 62 years, so....
5) Yea, but Occupy Wall Street is the violent crowd...
6) The best news for Obama in this poll is that the troubles he's facing in re-election, the economy, seem to be easing.
7) I wonder if a President Perry would simply say "Oops" here.
8) I'm going to trust the school officials that this was an obstruction during times when the hallways were crowded. But it's awfully close to a violation of First Amendment rights. And I'm not talking about freedom of religion. Tebowing has taken on a dimension beyond the religious aspect of it.
9) I kind of like this idea. A cycling magazine I subscribe to often lists snacks and how many miles you'd have to ride to "earn" them, usually as part of talking about postride nutrition.
10) Better hurry up and take that trip to Amsterdam you've been talking about.