Wednesday, December 07, 2011

On Black Friday, We Bought X-Boxes, iPads, Clothing...Guns....

It's true. Black Friday 2011 set the all-time record for gun sales in America, eclipsing Black Friday 2008 (just after the black Muslin socialist was elected).
In fact, gun ownership is trending upward, in large part due to the tough economic times which will undoubtedly spike crimes like burglary and robbery, along with the divisive nature of the far right wing, the hate speech of the Teabaggers, and of course, the ridiculous-yet-intriguing apolcalyptic talk of 2012.
It's enough to make me think I may need one sooner or later. Fortunately, I have enough LEO friends to not only get great advice on which guns, but to help train me better.