Friday, January 20, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Apparently, Boss Hogg has a warning for New Yorkers who drive through Tinnysee...Look, dude, the woman carried a gun in New York City, which is a violation of the city gun ordinances and a felony. The law is the law, and fine, if you decide you'll target New Yorkers for traffic tickets, that's cool. But understand this: that sound you hear? It's not us laughing at you, it's us laughing near you through our car windows as we speed down I-65 to get to a sophisticated state: Alabama.
2) Republicans really are idiots. They're going to try to force a bill through Congress effectively removing the Constitutionally mandated authority of the President to deal with foreign nations.
3) I'm really getting the feeling that the Congress-Obama dynamic is devolving into Yosemite Sam v. Bugs Bunny.
4) Best. Video. This Week. The brother can croon a bit.
5) Suggestion for the President's initiative to boost tourism: Bill the Republican House Caucus as a circus.
7) Megaupload. What can I say? If you flout the law, the law eventually catches up with you. Cyberpiracy is wrong, and if you allow it to happen on your website, you can expect trouble. There's a strain of libertarianism involved in piracy, to be sure, but it's wrong to be piggy about it.
8) Davos starts Wednesday. It will be an interesting meeting, as much has happened in the world since last January, and most of it is geared towards taking the elite down a few pegs.