Friday, February 03, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The Susan G. Komen Foundation is starting to buckle under the pressure. Komen officials now claim that funding they provided to Planned Parenthood to help poor women get breast cancer screenings was not withdrawn because Planned Parenthood also provides some abortion services (something on the order of one percent of its operation) but because Planned Parenthood was under Congressional investigation for providing some abortion services (something on the order of one percent of its operation) using public money. They had claimed that Planned Parenthood only provided breast cancer screening referrals and that's why they pulled funding.
Yet, the Komen Foundation gave Penn State, after the Sandusky child abuse scandal came out, a $7.5 million grant. And almost 11.5% of their budget goes to "administrative costs," a euphemism for executive salaries (starts on p.57), apparently.
Disgusting. I suspect that, by the end of the weekend, either the entire executive staff of Komen will be walking the unemployment lines, or Komen will find it's "Race for the Cure" has dwindled down to a couple of bag ladies walking hand in hand.
2) In a related story, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg pledged $250,000 to Planned Parenthood. "Politics have no place in health care," Bloomberg said in a statement, bold words coming from a man who defunded health care for poor CHILDREN, just so Council Speaker Christine Quinn could hand lucrative contracts to a lobbyist buddy of hers, in exchange for third terms for all, who also so piously expressed her support for Planned Parenthood. Hypocrites!
3) A protest group in Russia has apparently gotten Putin's panties in a twist
4) A suggestion to Mark Zuckerberg: you're about to make billions-- that's right, with a b-- of the sweat of the 750,000,000 million users of your site, their creativity and energy. You owe them, a lot. Certainly a lot more than a shitty interface and an invasion of privacy every three weeks or so.
5) Are they so hateful of Obama that they'd reject God? If I was Gingrey, I'd tithe. Twice. And pray. A lot.
6) Finally. Inroads into alternative energy have been sporadic in the first term of the Obama administration, but the approval of this wind farm project will be a leap forward to the 21st century and energy independence. This is off-the-shelf technology...admittedly, it's a deep shelf...and once installation begins, it should be up and running quickly.
7) They don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us because we're trying to force them to take our religions.
9) The man's aim is bad. He just needed bigger holes to sink his putts in.
10) Finally, I'm told there's a game of "Feetsball," as Tom Swiftly called it, being played this weekend. As a nominal Jets fan, I'm rooting for the stadium to get sucked into a black hole. But my money is on New England.