Thursday, February 02, 2012

Psst....Your Fifteen Minutes Are Over!

Losers endorse losers.
Now, no one was surprised by Trump's endorsement of Gingrich, for a few reasons: a) Like Trump, Gingrich has been divorced and married multiple times and committed adultery with his current wife while married to another, 2) Gingrich wants to drop the capital gains rate to zero, which benefits a real estate typhoon...pardon me, Trump and c) they're both colostomy bags of the highest order.
But Sharron Angle endorsing Santorum. That's a bit of a surprise. While Santorum has had the ear of the Tea Party ever since Iowa (and Angle ran openly as a Teabagger in 2010), he is also squarely in the camp of a more intrusive government.
Which must make Teabaggers pretty uneasy. Is this the least of three evils, or was Cthulhu unavailable?